ΚΘΠ @ Pitt

Professional Technology Fraternity at the University of Pittsburgh

Our Mission

Kappa Theta Pi is the world's first co-educational professional technology fraternity. We work to build an active community of students with a shared interest in technology; sponsoring events aimed to provide intellectual, social, and professional resources to members. We seek to foster relationships within the local community, and with corporations; ultimately providing service and philanthropy to the local community.

We hold events throughout the year, meeting with groups ranging from technology companies, to banks, to consulting firms. Pittsburgh is a burgeoning tech hub, and we are lucky to be here as the industry continues to explode. Cutting edge companies like Google and Uber are developing the newest innovations here in Pittsburgh, and have resources for us to be a part of it.

Our Pillars

Professional Development
Through events like interview training, resume building, one-on-one mentorship, private company recruiting, and more, Kappa Theta Pi Professional Development aims to prepare members for success in any technology-related career. We take pride in developing the tech leaders of the future.
Alumni Connections
Our alumni are spread out across the world and work on cutting-edge technologies. They work at a plethora of companies - from tech companies like Microsoft, Amazon, Facebook, Apple, and Google, to startups, consulting firms, financial technology firms, and more!
Social Growth
The people you meet in Kappa Theta Pi will go on to be some of your closest friends throughout college and beyond. We host a variety of exclusive social events throughout the semester through which our members can bond, some of which include formal, tailgates, bowling, and apple picking.
Technical Advancement
Kappa Theta Pi provides members numerous opportunities to enhance their current technical skills, as well as learn new ones. Whether it be participation in one of our various project teams or attending a technical workshop, we make it easy for our members to expand their expertise.
Academic Support
Kappa Theta Pi brothers strive to foster academic growth and excellence for each other. We provide a supportive network filled with some of the brightest tech minds at the university that members can always rely on for help in classes and extracurricular activities.



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